I had been looking forward to taking a cooking class at the new Chef Shop in Hillsdale, New York, ever since it opened last September, 2015.

Hillsdale NY cooking store

I was delighted when Matthew White, proprietor of the Hillsdale General Store, added a sister business, the HGS Chef Shop. Once again, Matthew did a beautiful renovation on an historic building. And you will know you have arrived in the hamlet of Hillsdale, New York, as your eye can’t help but be drawn to the pink Victorian with the white trim!

Teaching Kitchen at HGS Chef Shop


The Chef Shop has two gorgeous teaching kitchens. This photo shows the one on the ground floor with that custom table which expands depending on the size of the class. The cooking class I attended was held in the second floor class room, where one can also arrange a private event like a bridal shower or birthday party.

Three friends and I signed up as soon as the class taught by John Andrews Restaurant chef/owner Dan Smith was announced. This is part of the Local Chef Master Class series.

The subject turned out to be made-from-scratch pasta, which pleased me, as Dan Smith makes the lightest pasta you have ever tasted! In fact, many of the house made pastas offered at his restaurant are gluten free, made with rice flour!

DanRavioliDan started off the class by showing us just how easy it is to make your own ricotta cheese. Who knew? Whole milk, a little heavy cream, a dash of red wine vinegar, heat and strain through cheese cloth, and voila!

Several class members got to help preparing the different types of pasta dough we made; gnocchi, fettucini, and ravoli. Dan is laying the top layer of pasta over the ricotta ravioli in this photo.

And then of course we all got to eat!

pasta dishes created in cooking class

The HGS Chef Shop has a great line up of cooking classes scheduled. Take a look, and plan a getaway to Hillsdale with some friends, staying at the Inn at Green River, of course!

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