I always look forward to April and the arrival of the guests who return to my Inn each year for the annual Copake Bicycle Auction. They were here again this year for a special auction of Carl Burgwardt’s Pedaling History Museum Collection. The collection is being sold over the course of three auctions, the last of which takes place next October, 2013.

high wheelers Bicycle

You can view a video of the action at the first of the three Pedaling Museum auctions in December 2012 on the Copake Auction website.

As always, there are lots of gorgeous antique bicycles going on the auction block. Although I have no idea about their values, I can certainly appreciate their beauty.


This one, a ladies “safety bike” made of hickory wood caught my eye. This bicycle sold for $16,000.

And I loved reading the signs behind it.



And this streamlined white bike was unexpectedly futuristic. I noticed in the video that one like it (or maybe it was resold) went for $12,000 in the December auction.Bicycle

I also liked these brightly painted children’s tricycles.


The highlight of the auction (which grossed $800,000 by the way) was this 1911 motorized Pierce shown here by auctioneer Mike Fallon in a photo I borrowed from their Facebook page. It sold for $145,000. That sale must have elicited some applause!

Photo Courtesy Copake Auction, Inc.

I have blogged about this auction in the past, so for more photos and information, see the April, 2011 post and the April, 2012 post which go into more detail about the Swap Meet that takes place starting at 6 am on Friday before the Saturday auction. And make your reservations at the Inn for the October 19, 2013 auction, the final one of this amazing collection.