Handmade Holiday at Spencertown Academy

As November winds down, and the turkey leftovers are still being enjoyed, we eagerly launch into the holiday shopping season.

Here in Columbia County, in the village of Spencertown just up the road from the Inn, the Spencertown Academy always gathers a talented group of local artists and artisans for a Handmade Holiday craft sale, which runs Thursdays through Sundays, from 10 am  to 5 pm, now through December 22nd.

I know some of the artists personally which makes it even more fun. For example, Scherenshnitte artist Pamela Dalton has a number of pieces in the show.

Items for sale at Spencertown Academy

Scherenschnitte is German for “scissor cuts”, and is the art of papercutting design. I have a piece by Pamela hanging in my library.

Spencertown Academy

The script under the angels reads, “Be not afraid to have strangers in your house, for some thereby have entertained angels unawares”.  Perfect for a bed and breakfast, don’t you think?

I particularly liked her mermaids piece, displayed here with wonderful white pottery.

Spencertown Academy

I am a fan of the work of artist Ramon Lascano who uses old books to create sculptures. See his piece on the right?

The range of handmade items for sale is wide. Wonderful knitted scarves and hats, stuffed animals, jewelry, wooden cutting boards by my friend, Clarke Olsen, bees wax ornaments, pottery…the list goes on and on.

handmade items for sale at Spencertown Academy's Handmade Holidays

Felted Santas and wonderful small felted bird ornaments…

Spencertown Academy handmade holiday

For the first time this year, the sale includes furniture and pillows made by Chrisie Cordrey. I enjoy her sense of whimsy, and love of vintage textiles.

Spencertown Academy

Her bold pillows incorporate antique Afghani textiles. What wonderful accent pieces.

Spencertown Academy

The Academy is on Route 203 in Spencertown, NY. And be sure to stop by the Spencertown Country Store across the road for a bite to eat after the hard work of shopping!

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