Norman Rockwell's Bike Trail
From the Norman Rockwell Museum Blog

There are many wonderful bicycling routes in the beautiful rural Berkshire countryside near the Inn at Green River, but here is a new twist. The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, just 20 minutes from the Inn, has a new exhibit – Norman Rockwell: Sports! which shows some of his rarely seen sports related art and objects, including his own bicycle. And the museum has posted a Google map showing one of his favorite bike routes which runs west out of Stockbridge, along Route 203, then north on Route 183 towards Tanglewood, and then west on Averic Road to Averic Lake. I never knew there was another lake south of the Stockbridge Bowl; a well kept secret as Averic Lake is the water source for Stockbridge.

After turning off Route 183 onto Averic Road, you quickly find yourself on a dirt road, with the usual potholes, and you know you are headed to a quiet spot. I took a video at the lake, and the day was rather windy, so I apologize for the sound track, but it still gives you a sense of how serene this lake is.

On the other side of the dirt road that goes along the edge of this lake is a quiet bog, filled with yellow and white, wild water lilies.

Norman Rockwell's Bike Trail

And if you want to make this route part of a longer ride, I can show you how to do it starting from the Inn!