Thompson Finch Farm, organic strawberries

June is strawberry season here in Columbia County in the upper Hudson River Valley. I made my annual pilgrimage with basket in hand to pick my own organic strawberries at Thompson Finch Farm on Wiltsie Bridge Road in Ancram. This farm is in the beautiful southeastern section of our county which is characterized by rolling hills and dairy farms. Getting there is half the fun, as the country side is so picturesque…pastures, streams, and lovely, well maintained farm houses. Here is the Roeliff Jansen Kill,  quite near the farm, rather high due to all the recent rain. It becomes quite a large river by the time it reaches the Hudson River further downstream.

I love the sign erected in 1927 memorializing the town fathers in charge when the bridge was built!

Here is a photo taken in the fall from the same bridge by Ancram resident photographer, B. Docktor. Visit her web site to see great photos of farms and farm animals.

Thompson-Finch Farms is a 5th generation family fruit farm. Everything they grow is organic
– strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples. I have never seen such beautiful
rows of strawberries, all neatly grown, protected by straw hay
to keep the insects at bay, as no herbicides are used. This year has
been tough as we had a very early and hot spring starting in March, drought conditions in
April, then lots of rain in May. The life of a farmer… dealing with
every whim of Mother Nature, made even tougher with global warming.

Nevertheless, I quickly picked several pounds of strawberries to serve fresh to my guests, with a little lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon! And also in a cold strawberry soup. Delicious!